First Visit

h-braces.jpgAt your first visit, Dr. Sherman will review your medical and dental history. He will then complete a comprehensive oral examination to determine your orthodontic needs. He may then recommend that:

  • Treatment is needed now.
  • Treatment is not needed at all.
  • Treatment will be needed, but the timing is such that it should be delayed until appropriate growth, tooth eruption or other factors are most ideal.

If a patient is not ready for orthodontic treatment, he or she will be placed on recall and will be contacted to return to the office at the appropriate time.

If treatment is needed, Dr. Sherman will recommend we take a set of orthodontic records in order to start the treatment process.

Orthodontic Records

Orthodontic records consist of X-rays of the head, teeth and jaws; photographs of the face and teeth; and study models. The X-rays, photographs and study models are taken in our office by one of our Certified Dental Assistants.

Dr. Sherman will then review your records and formulate the appropriate treatment plan, which he will present to you at the follow-up consultation appointment.

Consultation Appointment

At the consultation appointment, Dr. Sherman will review the results of your diagnostic records and discuss the recommended treatment plan for your case. He will review the approximate length of treatment and the specific orthodontic appliances he intends to use to achieve your perfect smile. Dr. Sherman will also take the time to discuss the importance of patient compliance in achieving a successful outcome, and he will answer any questions you may have regarding the proposed treatment.

Lastly, our Financial Coordinator will discuss the full treatment fee and will work out a payment plan for your family.  If applicable, we will gladly coordinate for you the dental insurance process to ensure you receive all your entitled benefits.