Emergency Info


Orthodontic emergencies.Emergencies are pretty rare, but here are a few pointers you can use to help yourself in a sticky situation.  If all else fails or if you are in a lot of pain, give our office a call.  We will try our best to schedule you an appointment as soon as we can.

Wire Irritations

For immediate relief, place patient-comfort wax right on the end of the wire.  If the back of a wire is poking into your cheek or lip, you can cut it with sterile nail clippers.

Mouth Sores

Brush the areas with warm salt water AM and PM to help it heal. Then rinse.  Repeat 4-6 times per glass of salt water.  Schedule an appointment if the sore hasn’t resolved within a week.

Loose Brackets/Bands

Remove the bracket if you can, or place wax over it.  If you cannot remove it, please call our office so that we can replace the broken bracket as soon as possible.